Inside Our Prototype Testing

We're currently testing a new Hotbox Liu immersion tank prototype, designed for Whatsminers. This system stands out because it uses the miners' fans to circulate dielectric liquid for cooling. It's an approach we're exploring to enhance miner efficiency and longevity. Just another day of experimenting and learning for us.

🎥 If you're curious about how we're revolutionizing cooling with Whatsminers' fans, you'll want to see our latest video. Check it out here: Catch a glimpse of our team pushing tech limits!

AiPROENERGY immersion mining solutions are based on the innovative, HotBox Liu™ immersion enclosure. In this tank you can install up to 6 miners which are installed back side down without removing the fans. Unlike other systems, no spoofers are required; the oil actively washes the miners, taking heat from the inside and then cools through central radiators-heat exchangers. Cyclic suction of dielectric liquid by miner fans maintains a constant temperature with the help of an external cooling system, which can be dry coolers, running water and others. Such a system ensures stable overclocking of miners.

Hotbox Liu provides double miner life and faster payback, the ability to sell miners as “new” after 2-3 years of operation in dielectric fluid, as well as less noise, no dust, less repairs and cheap maintenance.

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