The Journey of AiPROENERGY: Innovating in the World of Bitcoin Mining

Meet Anton and Artem, the co-founders of AiPROENERGY. Their story is one of growth and innovation in the field of technology and Bitcoin mining. Starting from small-scale home mining, they have expanded into the realm of industrial-scale operations, reflecting their dedication and expertise.

Anton brings a wealth of knowledge in mobile data centers, immersion cooling, and automation. His contributions to AiPROENERGY include the development of effective Bitcoin Mining Mobile Data Centers, Smart Adapters and the innovative HotBox Liu immersion cooling system. His role in co-founding Mining Services LLC also highlights his commitment to providing comprehensive Bitcoin mining services and AiPROMAP management platform.

Artem, with his 15 years of experience in design, manufacturing, and automation, has been instrumental in the development of specialized facilities for data processing and telecommunications. His skills in international technology and experience in logistics and contract law have significantly contributed to AiPROENERGY's growth.

Based in Houston, TX, AiPROENERGY is a testament to the possibilities in Bitcoin mining technology, working towards making mining more efficient and accessible. Join us as we continue to explore and expand in the exciting world of Bitcoin mining with AiPROENERGY 🌍✨