How are mining containers loaded and placed?

The first thing that comes to mind when we talk about containers is the giant piles of shipping containers in the port, where they are endlessly sorted and loaded with special cranes. Additionally for these needs mind-blowing machines are used. Such as rubber-tyer gantries and reach-stuckers. Rubber-tyer gantries have wheels and are cranes that are able to fully straddle containers. Reach-stuckers have a long arm that can easily be used to stack containers several row deep or to negotiate them onto semi-trailers and rail cars.
No, we will not scare you with the prospect of looking for complex solutions for such a simple task as loading containers. Of course, the most common way to load containers is to use a crane. The container is hooked onto standardized throughout the world corner fittings and loaded onto a truck.
However, we have great news for you. Containers manufactured by Aipro Energy are equipped with reinforced openings on the lower edge that allow them to be loaded using a regular forklift. Agree that it is much more convenient and practical.
The good news doesn't end there. To place a container on your site, you need a very simple solution. Rail road ties. Yes, we are not mistaken. This simple and inexpensive solution will work in most cases. Of course, if you are located in a place where flooding is possible, you need to take care to raise the container to a safe height, perhaps even build a concrete base. However, the height to which the container rises with the help of rail road ties is sufficient for the operation of the container under normal conditions.
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