Introducing Mobimmer!

Introducing "Mobimmer" – a 250kw plug-and-play Immersion Mining System inside of a mobile 10ft box. The system is positioned on a 24ft trailer with (3) 70KW dry coolers and has space for (36) S19 miners powered from 400A 415V power panel and (6) 3-P 125A PDUs.

"Mobimmer" is a plug-and-play solution for overclocked mining. With customized PSUs and updated firmware, it allows stable overclocking of Antminer S19 from stock 3250W to 6500W. The immersion liquid has an amazing absorption capacity, which is many times higher than that of the surrounding air. This solution provides you with significantly higher hash rate due to overclocking (which is unattainable with air cooling) and faster return on investment.

Technical specifications

  • Total Miner Capacity - 36
  • Type of Miners - Bitmain Antminer S19 Pro
  • Expected Over Clocked Power Rating - 250 KW
  • Supply of Power - 3-Phase 480V
  • Deck Dimensions - 8 ft x 24 ft
  • Overall Dimensions - 8.5 ft x 29 ft
  • Dry Weight - 10,000lb


  • Mobil system, can be easily moved and placed anywhere;
  • Compact and efficient design;
  • Ready solution for Immersion Mining;
  • Much longer lifetime for miners and lower TCO;
  • Much higher hashing rate due to overclocking and faster ROI;
  • No dust, no noise, no overheating, no chips or dashboards burning;
  • Fewer repairs and maintenance actions.

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