New orders open for 40ft Mining Containers

Unveiling the Power Behind AiPROENERGY’s AirBoost 40ft Mining Containers!
Dive deep with our latest video as we explore the dynamic Power panel of the new AirBoost 40ft mining containers. Crafted with precision and a keen eye for safety, we ensure that your ASIC mining machines work efficiently and without hiccups. Here’s what sets the AirBoost container apart:
🛠 Robust Electrical System - Our dedication to reliability guarantees a smooth mining experience.
💡 External Power Panel - Designed to house 5 units of 500-amp main breakers, empowering you to manage your PDUs effortlessly and switch groups of miners on or off with ease.
🌐 Remote Shutdown - Safety and efficiency combined, giving you the ability to control operations from a distance.
Availability - Ready to upgrade? Place your order from September 2023 with swift lead-times of 4-6 weeks.
📊 Specifications - Available in 1 MW and 1.4 MW, plug-and-play 3-phase 415/240V 50-60Hz.
🔥 Ideal for Hot Climates - Thoughtfully designed layouts ensure optimal air circulation, making these containers perfect for warmer regions.
Elevate your mining operations with AiPROENERGY’s AirBoost 40ft containers! 🚀
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