Exciting Opportunity for Bitcoin Miners!

We're thrilled to announce that a mining site in Joplin, Missouri, is now open for business, with a massive 10MW capacity ready to supercharge your Bitcoin mining operations!

💡 What We Offer:
  • Three transformers, each 3000kVA, ensuring robust and reliable power.
  • Six containers, each with a 1.3MW capacity, capable of housing 378 ASICs - that's a total of 7.8MW primed for peak performance!
  • A straightforward financial setup: just a one-month deposit and a one-month prepayment to get started.
  • Competitive pricing with a pass-through agreement - only an additional 1.2 cents on top of the average utility input price of 5.5 cents (dropping to 5.1 cents for the next 7 months).
  • Minimum payment starting at $30K from the 2nd month after signing up.

🛠 Plus, maintenance available with AiPRO ensuring your mining rigs run smoothly and efficiently.

🌟 Don't miss this chance to elevate your Bitcoin mining game. Join us in Joplin and see your mining potential soar!

📩 Contact us for more details or to sign up today!