Immediately available hosting

Looking for hosting locations? Look no further!

We offer a wide variety of hosting locations and mining equipment to suit every need and taste. Whether you need air and immersion containers for mining, mobile immersion mining units, cooling systems, or smart automation systems, we've got you covered.

Hosting in Texas Option 1
Exclusive hosting for ASIC mining equipment.
•Commit to a minimum SIX-month term. Short-term contracts? Let's discuss!
•Start with the 1st month's payment + security deposit.
•Enjoy an ALL-IN rate at just $0.07 USD/kWh (7.0 Cents USD).
•One-time setup fee? Just $10 USD per miner.
•Benefit from up to 3 Pool changes.
•We've got your uptime & ASIC miners monitored!
•Complimentary monthly cleaning.
🔌 Need power cords/adapters? Buy or rent from us.
🛍 Explore options to lease or purchase ASIC machines.

Hosting in Texas Option 2
• off-grid energy;
• Uptime: 95%;
• 1MW immediately available;
• All in hosting at $0.075/kwh (negotiable);
• Customer Requirements Minimum Order Quantity of 500 miners (negotiable);
• Customer to bring own containers – AiPro 20 ft BiTTank Preferred;

Hosting in Indiana
• 85% carbon emission free grid energy;
• 35 spot immediately available;
• 200 spots available in 2-3 months;
• 99%+ uptime;
• Customer references available;
• Customer to bring own containers – AiPro 20 ft BiTTank Preferred;
• Units $/kwh:
• 1-9 $0,095
• 10-49 $0,090
• 50-99 $0,085
• 100+ $0,080

Hosting in Arkansas
•2 month deposit
•8 cents per kWh for under 50 miners
•7.5 cents per kWh above 50 miners
•$50 equipment configuration fee
•We can discuss pricing for larger of 100+ miners

Location in Western Pennsylvania
  • Your equipment: Miners: 800 - 1000 S19 Miners (110 TH Higher), up to 3,12MW.
  • Start date: 10/13/2023 or less.
  • Initial Term: 24 Months / Month to Month after 24 Months.
  • Deposit (the “Security Deposit”): $25,000 USD.
  • Site and Equipment set-up and preparation fee (the “Set-Up Fees”): $50 USD per miner.
  • Power Cost: $0.0700 per KwH.
  • Recurring Monthly Recurring Fee (the “Monthly Recurring Fee”): $165,144.09 USD per month (Power, Generator, Gas, Management and Operation).
  • 1st and Last Month of the Monthly Recurring Fee (the “Advance Fees”): $330,288.19 USD * Applied upon installation of Your Equipment and the power being turned on for Your Equipment.

Location in Missouri
We're thrilled to announce that a mining site in Joplin, Missouri, is now open for business, with a massive 10MW capacity ready to supercharge your Bitcoin mining operations!
💡 What We Offer:
•Three transformers, each 3000kVA, ensuring robust and reliable power.
•Six containers, each with a 1.3MW capacity, capable of housing 378 ASICs - that's a total of 7.8MW primed for peak performance!
•A straightforward financial setup: just a one-month deposit and a one-month prepayment to get started.
•Competitive pricing with a pass-through agreement - only an additional 1.2 cents on top of the average utility input price of 5.5 cents (dropping to 5.1 cents for the next 7 months).
•Minimum payment starting at $30K from the 2nd month after signing up.
🛠 Plus, maintenance available with AiPRO ensuring your mining rigs run smoothly and efficiently.
Don't hesitate - contact us today to discuss the terms of your contract. Our team is standing by to help you find the perfect solution for your equipment needs.