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Unleash the Power of Mobimmer
Mobimmer is a 250kw plug-and-play Immersion Mining System housed within a mobile 20ft box. It offers unrivaled convenience and efficiency, equipped with (3) 70KW dry coolers and ample space for (36) S19 miners. Powered by a 400A 415V power panel and (6) 3-P 125A PDUs, Mobimmer delivers immense mining power that you can position effortlessly on its 24ft trailer. It's time to embrace a future-driven approach to mining!

Experience the Mobimmer Advantage
With Mobimmer, you'll unlock a range of incredible benefits that will revolutionize your mining experience:

🚀 Stable Overclocking: Mobimmer boasts stable overclocking capabilities, propelling Antminer S19 from stock 3250W to an impressive 6000W. Harness this power boost to enjoy higher hash rates and accelerate your ROI.

🌊 Immersion Cooling: Thanks to its immersion liquid, Mobimmer ensures optimal cooling and an extended lifespan for your miners. Say goodbye to dust, overheating, and the need for constant repairs and maintenance.

🚚 Mobility and Flexibility: Mobimmer's mobile design allows you to effortlessly move and position it anywhere, giving you the freedom to mine at the most lucrative locations. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your mining operation adapts to your needs.

⚙️ Compact and Efficient: Our solution offers a compact and efficient design, making the most of limited space without compromising on performance. Experience improved productivity and cost-effectiveness.

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