Why purchasing two 20ft BiTTANKs is a better choice than building one 40ft mining container

If you ask what is our best-selling cryptocurrency mining container model in 2022. The answer is 20ft Bittank mining pod. In this he is ahead of his fellow 40ft container. But what about the rule, the more the better?
The advantage of mobile mining farms over stationary ones is the freedom of movement to sources of cheap energy. This mobility is where the first advantage of one container over another lies. Unlike the bulkier 40ft version, our 20ft container can be easily loaded onto a truck with a conventional forklift.
The next advantage is modular scale up. Each new mining container adds hash power to you while leaving room for maneuver in positioning it on your site. You can easily play real Minecraft game with your pods, put one container on top of another. But no more than two in height.
You can also look at the specs of the equipment density capacity. Two 20ft containers hold more miners than one 40-footer. At the same time, airflow control in two containers is better than in a large one.
Also, 20ft mining containers best fit to gensets.
Well, the most important advantage is the price. 2 BiTTANKs are cheaper than one 40-footer. And besides, we have them in stock and immediately available. Hurry up to reach out and order your BiTTANK mining pod.

We are strategically located in Houston, TX from where we continuously communicate and support our clints. Together, we create amazing technology that unlock access to stranded energy, reduce cost per miner-spot and make mining affordable and profitable.

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