Unleash Your Mining Potential with AiPROENERGY Smart Cables

AiPROENERGY has crafted the innovative Smart Splitters, designed to be installed between power cables and C19/C13 outlets. This 240V 25A remote-controlled power relay comes with temperature, amperage, and voltage sensors built-in. You can access the web interface through AiPROMAP - our exclusive cloud-based mining management platform. Plus, we've incorporated the Zigbee wireless protocol for seamless connectivity. Our gateway is equipped with WiFi, Zigbee, and Ethernet ports. Keep an eye out, as this amazing package will be available for purchase soon!

With our patented Smart Adapter and Smart Splitter, you can transform any device into a smart one, enabling remote control and even reducing electricity consumption. Our Smart Splitters are compatible with both Antminers and Whatsminers, thanks to their two versions - featuring either two C13 or one C19 outlets.

Elevate your mining operations with AiPROENERGY's cutting-edge Smart Cables!