Aiproenergy and CoinHeated in #PlebMinerMonth Episode

Coin Heated tells of the development of the HotBox and its unique features. The HotBox Liu hold 6 S19s (3 on each side). The machines are placed exhaust side down into the tank and rest upon stands that keeps the bottom elevated. The stock axial fans remain on the machines while the rear fans are removed. The oil flow is pulled through the machines as opposed to traditional immersion designs which allow fluid to simply rise through the machines or make use of external pumps that push the oil through. The oil is pulled through the cards and across the ASIC chips, the oil is the forced to the center where it meets the force of oil from the opposing machines. The oil is forced through the heat exchangers located in the center of the tank and cooled. The dielectric coolant in the tank comes to a soft rolling bubble, keeping the oil and therefore the ASIC chips at a steady temperature. The heat exchangers are the head of a water cooled or water/glycol mix secondary loop. The operator of a HotBox Liu has several options from there on how to cool that secondary loop. A dry cooler, chiller, and geothermal loop are a few of the options. An operator is not limited to how they cool that secondary loop, and the system lends itself better than most immersion system to engage in heat capture rather than purely cleansing the system of waste heat.
The HotBox Liu can be used as a peripheral within AI Pro Energy’s suite of containers. Hotboxes can be stacked or rather racked within an open system or in a container. AIPro Energy manufactures a wide array of mining services from off-grid miners including genset procurement to home miners and they provide data center services and automation as well.

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