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40ft AirBoost

AirBoost™ is 40ft 1.8mw Mobile Mining Container with capacity for (480) Whatsminers M30S or (416) Antminers S19s. The unit has a high-cube, reinforced metal structure with high-density rack, insulated roof, effective ventilation, and network systems. The unit is a plug-and-play 3-phase 415/240V 50-60Hz. This model is suitable for industrial scale miners.

Technical Specifications:

Cooling system:
•    20 x 10,000 cfm fans
•    4 x AAB/Danfoss VFD’s with 4 x Thermostats
•    Merv 7-8 filtering wall
Electrical system:
•    1 x Main Power Panel (8x400A NOARK UL Breakers)
•    40 x 125A 3-P PDUs w/ (12) C20 20A plugs
•    480 x C19 to (2) C13 Splitters (optional)
•    2 x Ventilation Control Panels
•    Fire/Smoke alarm

Telecommunications system:
•    Ethernet switchers *
•    Ethernet router TP-Link or equivalent *
•    480 x UTP CAT5e cables.
* - port, router, switch quantity may vary
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