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Our Immersion Solutions are built around our patent pending innovative pump-free immersion tank HotBox Liu™. We have our in-house Mining Services group, which can support air-cooled and immersion solutions and automation.

Immersion Solutions


What are the product specifications of your enclosures?
You can find all the necessary information regarding weights, dimensions and other product specifications on our website
How much space is needed for immersion system?
The Hotbox Liu immersion tank has less than a 1 sq meter footprint. The dimensions of a dry cooler are various, depending on their model performance you are looking for. You can find all the necessary information regarding weights,dimensions, and other product specifications on our website as well as reach to our team of specialists that can walk you through the process of selecting the best option for your set up.
There is no pump in a Hotbox to circulate the dielectric fluid through the miners? How does it work?
The S19J miners have two fans on them, that are powered, and those fans circulate the oil. No pump is required becauseof the fans. No spoofers needed.
How are the ASICs installed in the Hotbox, do their fans need to be removed, which ones, do they need to be turned over?
Bottom fans must be on and active. The oil is sucked down through the ASIC, then over
and back up through the heat exchangers.
What material are your enclosures made of?
Our immersion tanks are made of aluminum and fittings components are made of copper. Our immersion cooling systems are designed as a one-time investment that should last for a long time.
How many miners can I immerse in your enclosures? Can I use different miner models?
A single enclosure system is a perfect fit for 6 units of Antminer S19s. So far, it is not possible to use other types of miners.
How much dielectric fluid do I need for one tank?
41 gal.
What kind of install is required to get the Hotbox Liu operational?
Put stands in, put miners on stands, fill with oil, hook up electrical and Ethernet. Hook up water loop. Enjoy.
What do I need my electrician to install prior to receiving the Hotbox Liu?
Minimum of 125amp 240v breaker, 90amp continuous usage.
What kind of software and sensors you use to maintain the flow, temperature, and pressure of the fluid?
Braiins OS+ powers the fans and monitors temperature. We are working on additional monitoring to be included.
Do you have any data on the costs of set up with this running vs using ambient air cooling?
There is no electrical savings, so the additional cost would be all the supplies required. Since all the electrical would berequired even for air, that would not be a factor. Only tank, oil, and dry cooler if required.
How many gallons of water do you need to get through the heat exchanger per hour in a Hotbox Liu?
Around 15gpm.
What is the average temperature the tank needs to stay?
The general maximum oil temperature we like to operate at is 140F (160F for the chip). There are many environmentalfactors that will need to be decided to properly scale dry coolers or other cooling such as geothermal, ground water, orsomething such as a lake or river.
What are these electrical cables and plugs for the Hotbox Liu supposed to be for exactly?
The only electrical required is for the miners themselves. There is nothing electrically required for the Hotbox itself. If you want to have more than one enclosure connected a water pump and cooling system would be required, but that is separate from the tank and would have to be designed separately.
Does Immersion Cooling eliminate noise from the miners?
This is the main purpose of immersion cooling systems. There’s no secret that ASIC miners are extremely loud, especially when there are dozens of them. It’s not only irritating for your neighbors, but also quite dangerous for your hearing. When immersed, miners are maximally quiet. The only sound you’ll hear is a working dry cooler if you are operating ourcomplete immersion system.
Can I reuse heat from my miners?
Heat reuse is one of the reasons why we provide a water loop system. In such a system dielectric fluid circulates inside ofthe enclosure and rejects heat through integrated heat exchangers. You can connect cooling systems to our Dry cooler via the heat exchanger, or they can connect the enclosure to a home/ facility water circulation loop, if it’s possible. This way you can reuse the heat to warm your own house up. You can use enclosure systems to heat up wall mounted radiators, floor heating installations, entire swimming pools or hot tubs.
How profitable is your cooling system?
When it comes to overclocking, immersion cooling makes it possible to boost an S19 from default 110Th/s at 3250W per miner up to 155Th/s-165Th/s at 6500W.
The idea for immersion cooling is:
  • the fluid has great heat absorption capacity which is many times better than heat 
  • transfer capacity of air;
  • much longer lifetime for miners and lower TCO;
  • much higher hashing rate thanks to overclocking (which is not possible with air cooling) and faster ROI;
  • no dust, no noise, no overheating, no chips or dashboards burning;
  • fewer repairs and maintenance actions;
  • possibility of selling miners after 2-3 years in the fluid as new.
In addition, it seems that cooling is more important than ever for the Antminer X19 generation. Lower temperatures are directly correlated to lower power consumption and better efficiency to a greater extent than with previous generations of Antminers. Optimizing your infrastructure and miner configurations to maintain as low of temperatures as possible can make a big difference in the performance of your rigs. Link to the source:

Is there any warranty on your products?
We provide you with Warranty and Service
How to completely remove Dielectric Coolants from electronics?
The difficulty in cleaning miners that have been immersed in a dielectric fluid is that it is not possible to simply take themout of the coolant and let them "dry". You can use special solvents to clean the miners hash boards (e.g., D100 DielectricSolvent by Engineered Fluids).
How often do you need to change the fluid in the tanks?
Once in two, three years. Typically, it may last longer in a clean and insulated environment.
Can you send me a commercial invoice before I continue with a purchase?
We can send a proforma Invoice to help you proceed with payment.