About Us

Our story begins with what it truly means to be a pleb miner and technology innovator. We were able to scale our home mining to industrial scale farms with in-house manufacturing.

We are strategically located in Houston, TX from where we continuously communicate and support our clients. Together, we create amazing technology that unlock access to stranded energy, reduce cost per miner-spot and make mining affordable and profitable.
Discover how our portfolio of Bitcoin mining products can reduce your mining cost and improve your hashing efficiency.


Both AIPROENERGY founders are serial entrepreneurs and miners with extensive technology development and technology commercialization backgrounds.

Artem Nadikta - Co-Founder and Managing Partner of AiProEnergy. Has 15 years of experience in design, manufacturing, and industrial automation of special purpose facilities for data processing, telecommunications, and mission critical applications. Has been leading international technology commercialization projects and has experience with international logistics and international contract law.

Anton Galvas founded several technology companies including AiKYNETIX - Computer Vision App for Human Motion Analysis.
Engineering & Project Management IPM
Data Analytics & Technologies
Oil & Gas Company
Managing Partner
Anton B. Galvas
Chief Information Officer
Managing Partner
Innovative Oil & Gas Technologies
Managing Partner
Artem S. Nadikta