Don't let downtimes hold you back!

We offer swift and cost-effective ASIC miner upkeep, immersion conversion and repair solutions. We aim to reduce your idle periods with quick response times.
  • Qualified Engineers
    A team of professionals with 5 years of experience
  • High volume throughput
    Daily throughput capacity of up to 100 miners
  • Guarantee of Quality
    30 days for the work done and consumables
  • Transparent Repair
    Payment at previously agreed prices
  • Status Tracking
    Advanced Miners Repair Platform
Introducing Our Latest Innovation!
An Advanced Mine Management & Miner Repair Platform! Track your miner repairs in real-time and optimize your operations with AiPROMAP
Basic Diagnostics
Conducted diagnostics by powering up, testing and updating firmware, documenting any errors extracted from the miner logs, and inspecting for visible malfunctions such as abnormal lights or noises, as well as any missing components like covers or damaged fans, resulting in a comprehensive inspection record.
Basic Repair
Following the completion of the initial diagnostic process and pinpointing the root cause of the issue, the basic repair procedure will entail either replacing the faulty component or performing a firmware flush, as necessary.
Miner Cleaning or Washing
The cleaning or washing process encompasses the disassembly of the miner, followed by the thorough removal of dust using a high-powered compressor, a comprehensive cleansing with a specialized fluid, and a drying procedure. Subsequently, the miner is reassembled, and a final test is conducted to ensure optimal performance.
Miner Conversion to Immersion / Air
Fan Removal and Installation, Firmware Modification and Upgrades.
Hash board repair
Pricing Structure: For boards with up to 5 chips: $200 per board. For boards with more than 5 chips: $30 per chip. Please note that this pricing applies exclusively to non-aluminum boards.
Replacement part
Replacement Part Cost per Unit, Irrespective of Fan Type (Miner Fan or PSU Fan)
Immersion PSU 8000W
Replacement/Conversion part
Control Board
Replacement part
Technician time per hour on demand
Special project, overtime requests for repair, on-site support (project based).
Repair Request
Contact us to request a quote and a member of our team will reach out to connect.
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